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Electronic ID


The following is set during the card activation process:

  • PIN1 to protect the private identification key
  • PIN2 to protect the signature private key
  • PUK data will be used if any PIN is locked.

PINs and PUKs should be remembered or written down. If you write down your PINs and PUKs, keep them in a secure location.

Keep your recorded PIN and PUK numbers separate from your eID!

If you think your PIN or PUK has been detected, change it right away!

When utilizing eOI, keep the following in mind:

  • The card will be locked if you input the wrong PIN six times in a row.
  • The PUK value can be used to unlock a locked card.
  • The card will be barred after 6 consecutive tries to input the wrong PUK, and the individual must visit the PU/PP to have the card unblocked by an authorized person.

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