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eIDCard. Period.

Tired of going from one counter to another hoping that the next point on your journey will also be the last one? Cancel your document search expedition because now you can do it all online!

Why activate an eIDCard?

After you activate your eIDCard, more than 100 services will be available to you via the eCitizens platform, where you can do all this with just a few clicks:

  • submit your passport or driving license application;
  • request that documents be delivered to your home address;
  • register a newborn child;
  • enroll your child in a kindergarten;
  • use the Health Portal;
  • arrange a medical checkup appointment; and
  • sign all documents using the Certilia mobile app (for example, sign a real estate purchase/sale contract)..
eIDCard Activation

Security first

In addition to being accessible and user-friendly, the eIDCard provides you with the highest level of security through 2-factor authentication and biometric identification.

Mobile identitity

The Mobile.ID mobile app is a digital credential of the highest authentication level, which provides each person who holds an activated electronic identity card issued in the Republic of Croatia with a mobile identity and allows such person to access the e-Citizens system and all other e-Services available via mobile phones with the highest level of security.


The eIDCard includes all features of a European citizen card, which makes it interoperable and suitable for using in electronic transactions on the national and European level.

How to activate your eIDCard?

To enjoy the benefits of a digital identity card, you must first activate it. Any biometric ID card can be activated and, to do this, you will need:

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the eIDCard;


the PIN envelope;


a computer with Internet access


a card reader;

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